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Unlock The Power Of Compliance With Pria.Ai

Your Privacy Regulation Information Assistant.

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How it Works


Get access via, the DPA SelfRegister website or directly from our social media pages.


Type your questions into the chat, and Pria will provide you with an expert response.


You now have acces to expert advice about the Data Protection Act powered by AI.

Data Compliance Expert With The Power Of Ai.

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Pria.Ai is an advanced language model created by Design Privacy. She has been trained on vast amounts of data about  the Data Protection Act of Jamaica, making her your ideal data privacy Privacy Regulation Information Assistant. 

AI Model

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With Pria’s limitless knowledge base, she can help answer questions, provide explanations, and offer suggestions about navigating Jamaica's complicated Data Protection Laws. 


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Hours of data 

compliance data


Solutions to your 


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Navigate the data privacy
act like an expert
with Pria.Ai every step of the way.

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